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Web Development

Communication Agency

Rudnik is an Austrian-Serbian communication agency based in Belgrade. The main focus is on strategy consulting, integrated and strategic communication, market and opinion research, product development, marketing & advertising as well as media buying for the target group Serbs in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland with a focus on market, tourism, and political communication.


Every brand fights for attention. The problem with this brand was that none of their content is visual. Instead of trying to simply illustrate, we decided to use some really bold colours and fonts. One of the desires was to keep it simple as much as possible and we accomplished that with clean lines. We used a lot of blue color (brand color) to enhance the view of the website and to make a difference between the sections on the website.

  • Date

    July 10, 2020

  • Skills

    WordPress, CSS, HTML5, PHP

  • Client


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